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A friend of mine has a saying, “Think outside the box, but inside the Bible.” Rev. Todd Sloggett Does this describe your belief system? Can you say that when it comes to your beliefs you think “outside the box”? Is your faith founded on the bible, or is it religiously correct? Do you conform to church creeds and dogmas or are you building your faith on the solid foundation of biblical truth? The purpose of this site is to challenge you, to challenge you to think outside of the box and find the true liberty Christ intended for you!

Hello, my name is Jimmy Munoz and I have been a Christian since 1991. I have been an ordained minister since 1993 among independent holiness churches. I have preached in many churches across the country and had the privilege of being a pastor for nearly five years. This site is about drawing closer to the Lord without feeling the need to conform to the ideas of men. Although we don’t like to admit it our churches are filled with pressures to conform to ideas and beliefs that are not always supported by the scriptures. I’ve heard it said one too many times, “that’s just the way we’ve always believed”, without a shred of evidence to support the belief out of the word of God.

I’ve often wondered how many people have come and gone from our churches that found it difficult to conform to these non-biblical beliefs. Many churches today invest tons of time and energy on preserving and cherishing these beliefs while the world around them is dying without Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul warned Titus too, “not give heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, (italics mine) that turn from the truth.” Titus 1:14 I challenge you to believe “outside the box” and break free from the chains of religious bondage that keeps us from our true potential in Jesus Christ, a potential that the world desperately needs.

In his service,

Jimmy Munoz


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